Along the Water’s Edge



8 thoughts on “Along the Water’s Edge

  1. Karen, I wanted to send this to you as your photo and handling of it as well as your title inspired me to write this poem in a remarkably short time with no revisions. I will post it sometime in the future and you will receive full credit for your work. I hope that is amenable to you. Smiles…>KB

    Along the Water’s Edge

    When I come by land to the water’s edge
    My body stops of its own volition, knowing
    The consequences that wait to go further
    Than the terra firma I would leave behind
    For the unexpected mystery of water
    Submerging skin and bone, breath and air.

    Water is a cleansing thing. I know this
    Above all else I have gleaned from living.
    It washes off the dust of day, cools the flesh
    Repatriates the spirit as no element of earth,
    Wind or fire can and still leave whole
    The part of us that makes us inquire.

    “What if I were to go that further step?”
    Such as answers are held only for conjecture.
    The truth of living dwells in an imagination
    Of what ifs, though that is how we learn
    To touch the stars and understand their brilliance
    In a way only the mind has right to do.

    So when I go along the water’s edge
    It is my mind that continues on because
    It alone can walk on water and see into
    Beneath the surface, face the answers
    Begging to be found for even only seconds
    But last lifetimes beyond the one I’m bound.

    Artwork byKaren Klinedinst

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