Winter’s Approach: an alternate exploration


Last week following the first snow storm of the season, I went hiking in Cunningham Falls State Park. Although it’s not quite winter, the day was cold and windy, and I found myself hiking through 6″ of snow. Winter is one of my favorite seasons for being in the mountains. I love the long shadows that you find all day long, and the clear, crisp winter light.

This image is an alternative exploration of Winter’s Approach. When I interpret an image, I often start while I’m there so I can “plein aire process” my emotional reaction to a landscape. This is primarily why I’ve been working exclusively with my iPhone since 2011. But, sometimes my memory of a place causes me to go back and reinterpret it.

For most of my image capture these days, I use ProCamera 8 + HDR. I reprocessed and reinterpreted Winter’s Approach using Tintype, Snapseed, and PhotoWizard. Sometimes the passage of time alters my feelings about a place, and this new version better reflects how I feel now.


2 thoughts on “Winter’s Approach: an alternate exploration

  1. This is so lovely, Karen. And thank you for sharing your process.

    Winter is the best time for woodland hikes and unusual light. I think I’ll go for a hike today! Thanks for the inspiration!

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