Winter Birch



8 thoughts on “Winter Birch

  1. How many layers do you use to get this affect? I can’t seem to achieve this type of affect using apps like Mextures – you get the detail but also texture – most texture type apps mostly obscure the detail. Also do you always stitch together 2 or more images?

    • I do not always stitch images together. On this one, I did not. Stitching requires extra time, and it was 10 degrees and snowing. I didn’t want to expose my fingers for very long! As far as the post-processing. I’ve been using Stackables a lot lately. It works very much like Mextures, although there are a lot of in-app purchases if you want all of the available filters. I layered quite a bit in Stackables, and then layered some more in ModernGrunge.

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